August 28, 2015

Did you download your Kroger Freebie?

FREE Izze Sparkling water beverage (12 fl oz) ~ Kroger Friday Freebie! Pick up in store before 9/13/15! Go download today only to your card or Kroger app!!

Surprise Thursday winner goes too . . .

Congratulations to "Taylor Johnson" on being my Surprise Thursday winner of a $25 Pay pal Cash payout ~ Sponsored by SSFAM! Be sure to email me within 24 hours to:, subject line: Surprise Thursday Winner! All prizes are shipped or deposited in 2 weeks.

Sponsor: This giveaway is sponsored by Simple Savings For ATL Moms Blog owner.  Connect with over 73,000 fans via my other social media sites at Facebook, Twitter, Periscope @SavingsATLMoms, Google+, Instagram or Email.

August 27, 2015

Surprise Thursday Giveaway is here! $25 Paypal Cash!

Welcome to Surprise Thursday!  One person will win a $25 Paypal Cash ~ Sponsored SSFAM!  Over the next several weeks, cash will be the prize. Make sure you bookmark my blog. Tell your friends to come join the fun and enter. Be sure to come back to my blog on Friday to see the winner and/or claim your prize if you are the winner.  If you see your name listed on my blog, all winners have 24 hours to contact me by email only at to claim their prize after being announced. There are no exceptions to this rule!  

Note: You will not be emailed. Do not send messages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or any other social media outlet to claim your prize. Do not try to claim your prize after 24 hours. Just retry on the next giveaway. Good luck to everyone. 

How to enter: Complete the following tasks.

Question {Answer the question below}:  -> What is the range of your monthly income?  Bonus entry. Go here and leave a comment. Good luck everyone.


Sponsor: This giveaway is sponsored by Simple Savings For ATL Moms Blog owner.  Connect with over 73,000 fans via my other social media sites at Facebook, Twitter, Periscope @SavingsATLMoms, Google+, Instagram or Email. 

August 26, 2015

Free Bananas ~ Kroger!

If you need to add some Free fruit to your grocery list this week, consider looking for this coupon in Kroger today!

August 25, 2015

SSFAM # 52 Week Money Saving Challenge ~ Week 35!

Welcome to the #SSFAM 52 Week Money Saving Challenge! It's Week 35 and we are still having a party!  Pull out your coins or just get one dollar and deposit or put it in a safe Saving place! Each week you will see me share my savings and deposits. Feel free to join me so that you can get some extra savings in your pockets. Follow my Instagram for immediate picture deals my weekly Instagram Saving photos! Go here now to download your 2015 chart and get going! Find some creative ways to find your money to save.

It's Week 35 ~ Let's deposit $35 and now we have $630 bucks saved!

Need to catch up? Go to the links below now:

Week 1 ~ Deposit $1.00 = Total savings $1.00
Week 2 ~ Deposit $2.00 = Total savings $3.00
Week 3 ~ Deposit $3.00 = Total savings $6.00
Week 4 ~ Deposit $4.00 = Total savings $10.00
Week 5 ~ Deposit $5.00 = Total savings $15.00
Week 6 ~  Deposit $6.00 = Total savings $21.00
Week 7 ~ Deposit $7.00 = Total savings $28.00
Week 8 ~ Deposit $8.00 = Total savings $36.00
Week 9 ~ Deposit $9.00 = Total savings $45.00

Week 10 ~ Deposit $10.00 = Total savings $55.00
Week 11 ~ Deposit $11.00 = Total savings $66.00
Week 12 ~ Deposit $12.00 = Total savings $78.00
Week 13 ~ Deposit $13.00 = Total savings $91.00 

Week 14 ~ Deposit $14.00 = Total savings $105.00
Week 15 ~ Deposit $15.00 = Total savings $120.00

Week 16 ~ Deposit $16.00 = Total savings $136.00
Week 17 ~ Deposit $17.00 = Total savings $153.00
Week 18 ~ Deposit $18.00 = Total savings $171.00
Week 19 ~ Deposit $19.00 = Total savings $190.00
Week 20 ~ Deposit $20.00 = Total savings $210.00

Week 21 ~ Deposit $21.00 = Total savings $231.00

Week 22 ~ Deposit $22.00 = Total savings $253.00

Week 23 ~ Deposit $23.00 = Total savings $276.00
Week 24 ~ Deposit $24.00 = Total savings $300.00

Week 25 ~ Deposit $25.00 = Total savings $325.00
Week 26 ~ Deposit $26.00 = Total savings $351.00

Week 27 ~ Deposit $27.00 = Total savings $378.00
Week 28 ~ Deposit $28.00 = Total savings $406.00
Week 29 ~ Deposit $29.00 = Total savings $435.00
Week 30 ~ Deposit $30.00 = Total savings $465.00
Week 31 ~ Deposit $31.00 = Total savings $496.00

Week 32 ~ Deposit $32.00 = Total savings $528.00

Week 33 ~ Deposit $33.00 = Total savings $561.00
Week 34 ~ Deposit $34.00 = Total savings $595.00
Week 35 ~ Deposit $35.00 = Total savings $630.00 

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August 24, 2015

Beauty Week on Periscope

This week I will be discussing a lot of my Beauty Saving Tips on my Periscope channel. Be sure to go follow me now (yes, stop what you are doing) and start following (@SavingsATLMoms). Later this week, I will be giving away a very nice BEAUTY BAG that is reusable with beauty products and coupons to one of my lucky viewers. Be sure to follow the simple rules and join in the beauty fun.

Rules to enter and win:
1. Must be a subscriber to my Periscope channel (I will be verifying).
2. Actively participating in the live broadcasts. Tips: Leave a nice comment. If you hear me mention a great tip on saving, type it in the comments in the live broadcast (Note:  You will not be able to do this on the replays).
3. Give your hearts during the broadcasts (All you have to do is double tap on the screen of your phone during the live broadcasts or the replays).

Extra bonus:  Invite your Twitter friends during the live broadcasts who love beauty tips, share with your Periscope followers and friends.

I will be announcing the winner sometime this week only on Periscope.  Good luck and thanks for all the love!  


CHECK out the @CVS_Extra Store Coupons at the Coupon Center being printed this week for me! If you have a CVS close to where you live, just walk right into your CVS pharmacy and scan your Extra Care Card or enter your telephone number associated with your card. 
You should see some great COUPONS printing and keep scanning until the display says, “ No coupons available/check back tomorrow.” Also go to your online account at CVS that you signed up for {if you haven't sign up today} - check for additional coupon savings. If the machine is not working, remember you can talk with the manager of the store. 
KEEP in mind that these coupons can be stacked with manufacture coupons. Go to the coupon database and search for any additional savings. These posts will show weekly on Monday!  View CVS Coupon policy. Become a CVS Advisor Panelist and receive additional savings! Join the CVS FREE Beauty Club!
CVSShopping Tips:
(1) Always check the coupon database here  for Manufacture Coupons to stack with the CVS Coupon Center print out Qs. 
(2) Make sure you are registered online with CVS to see online savings.
(3) Always check your registered CVS email for additional CVS coupons.
Use by 8/30/15
25% off any tampon, pad or liner purchase, including CVS Brand 
30% any Mitchum Deodorant  
$3 off COLGATE ENAMEL HEALTH Toothpaste for strong healthy teeth 
$3 off Huggies Diapers jumbo size with any Dove Baby Soap or Wash 
$2 off Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Refill (56oz only) 
$2 off $5 purchase of NEW Viva Vantage Paper Towel 
$1 off Chocolate or Candy purchase of $6 or more! 
Use by 9/1/15
$3 off $12 L'OREAL EVER Premium Hair Care  
$3 off $25 Baby Bath or Skin Care purchase
$2 off $6 Coppertone, Neutrogena or CVS Brand Sun Protection 
$1.50 off $5 Glade, Renuzit, Febreze or Airwick air fresheners 
$1 off any two(2) boxes of Breakfast Cereal (8oz or more)     

Become social with CVS Extra on Twitter! @CVS_Extra
Message and share with CVS on Facebook!

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